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What Can We Expect In New World?

Before the release of New World, Amazon Games had done a lot of marketing and successfully attracted the attention of many people. New World mixes the historical frontier-like adventure with fantasy, so it will be a brand new MMORPG. Amazon Games foray into MMO for the first time, so they are committed to making New World a perfect work. They promise to provide a lot of content and focus on PVP gameplay. The background of the game is based on the fact that when the players encounter a shipwreck on the island of Aeternum, they will come into contact with ancient enemies and uncover the mysteries of the island.

New World initially announced that it will be released in 2020, but due to various reasons, the release time has been repeatedly delayed. But on the bright side, the development process is smooth, because players experienced the game in the previous closed beta. Many players were so immersed in New World that spent more than 25 million hours during the closed beta. Player feedback will push the game to make more changes before it is released so that the game becomes more perfect.

Fix bugs and enhance performance

Based on player feedback, some performance in New World needs to be enhanced, because the beta showed some unfortunate events. New World caused hardware failures in some Nvidia GPUs, which is a major flaw in many AAA game studios.

In addition, some bugs in the game will also be fixed. For example, in the closed beta of New World, some players found that fishing might crash the game. Eventually, this happens when the pole bobber did not de-spawn after the player tries to fish. After a long time of fishing, the sheer amount of bobbers left in the water may cause the game to crash, but these will not appear in the official release of New World.

Improve server stability

In the PVP war, two groups of 50 players compete with each other. On the one hand, this is attractive, but sometimes these wars will cause the game to stutter due to lagged out or freezing enemy players. This may be because the server is limited during the beta, and this should not happen after the official release.

Improve PvE

Players who have gone through the closed beta think that it has too many types of enemies, which is not good for gameplay. Amazon Games may eventually focus on adjusting the regular PvE gameplay to make it more valuable.

In general, players will have a smoother gaming experience after the official release of New World, as developers will improve all aspects of the game. Once there is any news before the release, will update the relevant articles in time. not only provides gameplay strategies, but also provides resource support. You can buy New World Coins here to enhance your advantage in the game.

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