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  • New World: How To Level Up Your Character Quickly?

    Sep 10, 2021

    The public beta of New World has begun, which is exciting. This game has been advertised for a long time, and its pirate theme is very different from our usual fantasy settings. If you like PvP, it is necessary to level up quickly to match your competitors.

    In New World, there are 3 leveling systems: one for increasing your base character stats, one for weapon skills, and one for trade skills. will show you how to quickly level up your character.

    Leveling Attributes

    When you level up, you can add a point among the 5 attributes. This means that you can spend 71 points in total through level up. When you wear or wield them, you also get points. In addition, there are some item socket slots where you can place jewels to increase your attribute stats.

    Make sure that the points you add to the attributes can directly benefit your attack way. Melee weapons will increase attack power, if you buff the strength attribute, magic by focus, and ranged weapons by dexterity.

    New World attributes and what they increase:

    * Constitution: increases base health

    * Dexterity: increases base ranged weapon damage

    * Focus: increases base mana and reduce cooldown durations

    * Intelligence: increase base magic attack

    * Strength: increase base melee weapon damage

    New World Leveling Tips

    * Make sure you are in settlement when you log off: when you come back you will get a rested XP reward

    * Find quests in the Town Project Board: You can purchase items in the auction shop in the town by completing the quest.

    * Build up your town standing: You will gain XP rewards by completing quests

    * Pick up side-quests to complete alongside the main quest.

    * You can get up to 12 town missions at once, then get XP, New World Coins, settlement reputation.

    * Hit a monster, finish faction missions

    Now the public beta has begun. You can try the above methods. Once New World is officially released, will release more relevant game guides and will provide cheap New World Coins, no matter how much you need, we can all guarantee a large amount of inventory.

  • New World Guide Covers Almost Everything

    Sep 07, 2021

    Since New World has been postponed to September 28th, there will be an open beta between September 9th and 12th. This short beta period is completely free, and is designed to stress test the New World servers in preparation for the expected huge release. If you want to experience it in advance, you do not need to pre-order New World to participate in this open free beta.

    New World Builds

    New World has a classless level system, but when using weapons, you can get skill points, which are Masteries. Each weapon has two different mastery trees, which can promote different play styles.

    There are several different types of weapons, such as muskets, bows, and ice gauntlets. Each weapon has a unique game style, and many weapons also have synergies.

    Although New World’s weapons and leveling systems are not tied to the specific class, there are still typical MMO game styles, such as tanks and treatments, which are very important for PVP and PVE content. So after the official release of New World, will provide more articles about game builds, which is worthy of reference.


    In the closed beta, New World has a total of 6 expeditions, and more Expeditions are expected to be added after the release. This is an instance of 5 player dungeons with unique enemy types, bosses, and loot.

    How to play New World Beta?

    The public beta is free to play from September 9th to 12th. You don't need to pre-order the game, just download the beta version from Steam.

    Soon you will be able to participate in the beta. Once you are satisfied with the game, you can officially pre-order the game. Once it is officially released, you can enjoy the game to the full. At that time, you can also come to buy New World Coins to increase your advantage.

  • New World Dungeons Can Let You Go Deeper On Combat

    Sep 03, 2021

    New World will be released on September 28th, at that time, it will introduce Expeditions, which is full of baddies and special loot.

    Just like the New World’s War mode, they will also provide more structured battle sequences and gameplay, providing content that is completely different from the world of Aeternum. will give a detailed introduction.

    When New World is released, there will be 6 Expeditions available. By blending challenge, story content, and game classless character progression, you will get an opportunity to have in-depth combat and game experience, which will be enjoyable.

    The New World development team stated that they wanted to show different stories about Aeternum, whether it was about the disappearance of a group of researchers in a local ancient dig site, or the origins of the Angry Earth. In addition, they also want to add some pace breakers to the experience. Different types of challenges and puzzles are closely connected with the spaces, enriching the overall experience.

    Expeditions are an important space that can provide you with a unique experience that is different from the open world. In addition, the dungeons of New World will provide more hand-made content with a flow and overarching narrative.

    Expeditions allow you to focus on a specific theme or mix of themes and create an unforgettable moment. In addition, there are more branching, while others are more specific challenges. Combat can provide many interesting opportunities, including how to layout the space, to guide you, so that you can interact with the space, enemies, and each other in interesting ways.

    Expeditions can make players more immersed in the game because this is a small group that allows developers to know the player’s attention on key focal elements, whether it is a boss with a dramatic introduction, or a bit of environmental storytelling giving hints at some of a wider narrative in the game.

    It is curious how New World’s classless combat system affects crafting Expeditions. Although it will provide a large number of methods to deal with its dungeons, this is still a tough element to deal with. It is difficult to balance the Expedition content to suit all game styles and provide equal but different challenges. The classless combat system provides players with a large number of choices, which means you can create builds according to your playstyle.

    New World will open up a challenging world for you, are you ready for that? If not, then come to when you need help! Cheap New World Coins, New World Items, and Boosting service are all available on

  • New World Will Introduce 3 New Weapons!

    Aug 31, 2021

    Although New World will not be released until September 28th, due to the launch of the Let’s Play series, the details of the newly added content have been released online. collected some information about new weapons.

    Although New World was not open to players until the public beta weekend on September 9, the relevant information has now been leaked on the Internet, and fans have pointed out that there are three new weapons.

    3 new weapons

    * Daggers, a one-handed weapon

    * Blunderbuss, a new ranged weapon

    * Void Gauntlet, a magic weapon

    These in-game shots also confirmed the reports of dataminers in the New World closed beta, which means that they will be added to the game at some point. But since Blunderbuss does not yet have its icon, this may take a while.

    The description of Daggers in the game is that they are dual-wield one-handed weapons, used for close-ranged melee and short-ranged throwing combat. According to the footage, Blunderbuss is a long-range weapon with high damage cartridges, which is ideal for keeping targets at long-ranged combat with a high playoff for precise aim. However, this may only be a copy of Musket's description, and the description of Void Gauntlet is still unknown.

    At the Gamescom showcase of New World, a developer showed concept art of the new "Supernatural Weapon", which is speculated to be Void Gauntlet.

    It is not yet known when these weapons will appear in the game, and New World will hold the public beta on September 9. At that time, players will have the opportunity to see the use of new weapons.

    When the open beta starts, will also release the latest details in time. Once the game is officially released, cheap New World Coins will also be available here, just pay attention to it.

  • Next New World Beta Is Coming Soon!

    Aug 27, 2021

    After several delays, New World was finally confirmed to be released on September 29. Before this, this MMO game will be finalized and have an open beta on September 9th.

    This news comes from the trailer of Gamescom, which once again set the premise of New World's historical fantasy: you come to a legendary island, where the treasure is waiting to be found, but dark magic threatens to consume the greedy sailor.

    This is a good trailer, but it does not accurately reflect what New World feels like to play. So if you want to experience this game for yourself, you can participate in it when the open beta arrives. Apart from technical issues, it should be easy to get in.

    Amazon uses the game test feature recently added by Steam, so you can directly apply for access to the open beta on the New World Steam page and download it when the time comes.

    During the closed beta, the game's opening hours were too formulaic and grindy, but there are more MMO games to explore. The next beta will run from September 9th to September 12th. From an MMO point of view, this is a fairly short version, but it also seems to show that Amazon Games is confident in it.

    If everything goes well after the public beta is over, New World will be released in full on Steam for $40 on September 28. This MMO game is likely to be the company's first successful major game, so fans are waiting to see it. will continue to follow the news of New World, we hope this open beta can satisfy players. As one of the most anticipated MMO games recently, the New World developer team is also under a lot of pressure. In this case, only the developers can make the game as perfect as possible to make the player's wait worthwhile.

    Once New World is released, you can come to to buy New World Coins you need to gain an advantage in the game.

  • New World: Best Musket Build

    Aug 23, 2021

    In Amazon's MMO game New World, the musket is one of the 11 weapons currently available. As one of two physical ranged weapons, it is one of the most lethal ranged weapons.

    If you are very good at shooting games, then using this weapon will give you an advantage. Unlike most MMO games, New World requires you to aim and shoot at the enemy instead of automatically aiming. The Mastery Tree of some muskets can turn your powerful target into the highest throughput in the game.

    When considering the best build for a musket, you need to consider 4 aspects of the character:

    * Personal attributes

    * Weapon mastery

    * Equipped armor

    * Second weapon

    In New World, every player has 5 core attributes. Each weapon has specific attributes. At the same time, your weapon mastery determines the active and passive abilities of your character when using a specific weapon. Your character can equip up to two weapons at once, so you need to choose the most suitable one.

    Personal attributes

    Dexterity gives the Musket the most benefits, and its secondary attribute is Intelligence. For this reason, you need to load as much Dexterity as possible early in the leveling process.

    When you reach 300 Dexterity, you will be able to move to Constitution or Intelligence. Because this build is not as tanky as others, you should add some of your attributes to the Constitution, which is effective health. You will gain more survivability.

    Second weapon and armor

    The musket can work with a series of other weapons, and the benefits from the same attributes exceed the general weapons in the current game.

    You have a lot of flexibility in choosing the second weapon, but choosing a weapon that can help you create distance from the enemy is the key. In addition, having a weapon that can provide rebuffs is also helpful.

    Recommended secondary weapons include the rapier, ice gauntlet, and hatchet. These three skills can debuff your opponent, which synergizes with talents in the Musketeer Mastery tree. They can also slow down the enemy, or help you escape the enemy quickly.

    If you want to stay away from the enemy's attack range, it is very important to use musket armor. Like Tactical Reload, that is, reloading your weapon when you dodge, will make the barrel roll dodges very effective. Those barrels can only be equipped with light armor.

    Weapon mastery

    You can load up on abilities to enhance your throughput based on the accuracy of your headshot, or you can turn to abilities to give you the perks of debuffing or rooting a goal.

    Powder Burn is the best opening ability for a musket player. In PVP and PVE, the damaging effect on your enemy for a period of time is very good. Back It Up, Hustle, Energy Burst and Tactical Reload are all passive abilities in the Trapper tree, which can help you create and maintain a distance from the enemy.

    Everything you choose depends largely on your confidence in your ability to click heads. If you can keep hitting headshots, this build will give you some of the highest damage potentials.

    For more information about New World, whether it is the game introduction or game guides, you can check them out on

    In addition, once New World is released, you can come to to buy New World Coins, as the base currency in the game, they are extremely needed, and they can help you strengthen your advantage in the game.

  • What Can We Expect In New World?

    Aug 18, 2021

    Before the release of New World, Amazon Games had done a lot of marketing and successfully attracted the attention of many people. New World mixes the historical frontier-like adventure with fantasy, so it will be a brand new MMORPG. Amazon Games foray into MMO for the first time, so they are committed to making New World a perfect work. They promise to provide a lot of content and focus on PVP gameplay. The background of the game is based on the fact that when the players encounter a shipwreck on the island of Aeternum, they will come into contact with ancient enemies and uncover the mysteries of the island.

    New World initially announced that it will be released in 2020, but due to various reasons, the release time has been repeatedly delayed. But on the bright side, the development process is smooth, because players experienced the game in the previous closed beta. Many players were so immersed in New World that spent more than 25 million hours during the closed beta. Player feedback will push the game to make more changes before it is released so that the game becomes more perfect.

    Fix bugs and enhance performance

    Based on player feedback, some performance in New World needs to be enhanced, because the beta showed some unfortunate events. New World caused hardware failures in some Nvidia GPUs, which is a major flaw in many AAA game studios.

    In addition, some bugs in the game will also be fixed. For example, in the closed beta of New World, some players found that fishing might crash the game. Eventually, this happens when the pole bobber did not de-spawn after the player tries to fish. After a long time of fishing, the sheer amount of bobbers left in the water may cause the game to crash, but these will not appear in the official release of New World.

    Improve server stability

    In the PVP war, two groups of 50 players compete with each other. On the one hand, this is attractive, but sometimes these wars will cause the game to stutter due to lagged out or freezing enemy players. This may be because the server is limited during the beta, and this should not happen after the official release.

    Improve PvE

    Players who have gone through the closed beta think that it has too many types of enemies, which is not good for gameplay. Amazon Games may eventually focus on adjusting the regular PvE gameplay to make it more valuable.

    In general, players will have a smoother gaming experience after the official release of New World, as developers will improve all aspects of the game. Once there is any news before the release, will update the relevant articles in time. not only provides gameplay strategies, but also provides resource support. You can buy New World Coins here to enhance your advantage in the game.

  • New World: How To Cook?

    Aug 13, 2021

    In New World, you can create items at your own pace, and use the resources obtained by collecting skills when exploring and completing quests in the world around you. From weapons and armor to furniture and tools, you can craft something with an expensive set of trade skills.

    In New World, one of the trade skills is cooking. Cooking all kinds of food, from rations to meals, will provide you with the most important items. When it comes to healing, use lengthy buffs and even improve your town standing. will introduce the cooking methods in New World in detail.

    Collecting ingredients

    In New World, there are three main ways to obtain ingredients:

    * Killing and skinning animals

    You need a skinning knife and animal carcasses. Harvesting from animals can be rewarded, including meat. The tier-one meats include pork and poultry, and the high-tier meats include red meat and venison.

    * Harvesting herbs and bushed

    * Harvesting fruits and vegetables from farmstands

    You can find berries and herbs in the wild. You can find a lot of items like fruits and vegetables in farm landmarks around the world, but you need to repel enemy NPCs to collect them smoothly.

    The ingredients are available in provision crates and can be found in different landmarks. Once your backpack or storage room is filled with ingredients, you can start cooking.

    Cook recipes

    You can start cooking like any cooking station in any settlement. The first set of tutorials after creating the character should give you some cooking skill levels, so you will be able to make all four basic recovery food: Light Ration, Travel Ration, Energizing Light Ration, and Energizing Travel Ration. Light and Travel Rations can be consumed to regain mana, and for these two sets, Travel Ration is better.

    When you reach level 5 in cooking, you will begin to unlock the craftable cooking components. When you upgrade to level 40, you can unlock attribute foods. Each food recipe is classified according to each attribute:

    * Level 21 to 25: Strength foods

    * Level 26 to 30: Dexterity foods

    * Level 31 to 35: Intelligence foods

    * Level 40 to 45: Constitution foods

    * Level 45 to 49: Focus foods

    If you are interested in cooking, then you can go to the settlements’ town board, because there are often quests that require a certain number of cooking recipes to be crafted.

    When New World is released, players in need can choose to buy New World Coins here, which is the fastest way to immerse you in the game.

  • New World: How To Change A New World?

    Aug 10, 2021

    With the launch of the beta of New World by Amazon, some players have already experienced the world of Aternum. They can easily participate in the action by booting up the game, choosing a world, creating a character, and then starting their adventure. But some players may want to change the world for multiple reasons.

    The biggest reason to change a game world is that they want to play games on the same server as friends, or because of connection problems, if you want to change a world in New World, this is feasible.

    How to change the world?

    When you start playing New World for the first time, you need to select your initial server from the server list in the launch menu. In the region’s world set, you can only have a character in one world, which means that if you want to join a different world in the world set, you need to delete your current character.

    When you are ready to change the server and meet any of the applicable standards, you can switch to another world.

    * Navigate to the main menu of the new world

    * Press the "Continue" button in the bottom right corner

    * Choose to create a character from the menu

    * Select the world you want to join from the list of display options, and select "Show more options" to see more. If you want to change the regions, you can select from the top drop-down menu.

    * Once you have chosen your new world, you should be able to continue to create a character as usual

    But given that New World is now delayed until it will be released on September 28, we don't know if there will be some new changes by then that will make the game system simpler but will not weaken the game experience.

    Once the game is released, you can come to to buy the resources you need. has been preparing for New World, but its release has been delayed many times, which also shows the ambition of Amazon Games. They want to make New World a perfect game. Once New World is released, you can come here to buy New World Coins.

  • AGAIN! New World Has Been Delayed For The 4th Time!

    Aug 06, 2021

    Amazon Game Studios postponed the upcoming MMO game New World until this fall of 2021. The game was originally planned to be released on August 31, but for various reasons, it has been delayed to be released until September 28, 2021.

    This is the fourth time New World has been postponed. The developers stated that they change the release date because they pursued high quality, and they want to provide games of very high quality. In addition, feedback from the closed beta is also a factor in delaying the game.

    New World is an MMO game in which the player’s task is to colonize the fictional continent of the Atlantic. The features of this game are 50-to-50 battles, where the entire team clashes to take the land. Amazon previously held a preview event with thousands of players to collect feedback. Then it became a chaotic attempt to simulate the mid-1600s war.

    New World is one of three PC games announced by Amazon Studios at TwitchCon 2016. However, the delays and cancellations of these three games have affected them. Their multiplayer fighting game Breakaway was canceled during development. Their other game, Crucible, was released in May 2020, but the studio canceled the release of this game and bring it back into a closed beta. Finally, in October, they decided to stop the development of the Crucible.

    This shows that Amazon Game Studios put all the bets on New World, so players can look forward to the official release of this game. Because in the previous closed beta, players also found some problems, so the delayed-release is also to better optimize the game content. When New World is officially released, players should be able to get a better gaming experience.

    Once New World is released, you can come to to buy New World Coins to expand your advantage in the game.

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