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New World Will Introduce 3 New Weapons!

Although New World will not be released until September 28th, due to the launch of the Let’s Play series, the details of the newly added content have been released online. collected some information about new weapons.

Although New World was not open to players until the public beta weekend on September 9, the relevant information has now been leaked on the Internet, and fans have pointed out that there are three new weapons.

3 new weapons

* Daggers, a one-handed weapon

* Blunderbuss, a new ranged weapon

* Void Gauntlet, a magic weapon

These in-game shots also confirmed the reports of dataminers in the New World closed beta, which means that they will be added to the game at some point. But since Blunderbuss does not yet have its icon, this may take a while.

The description of Daggers in the game is that they are dual-wield one-handed weapons, used for close-ranged melee and short-ranged throwing combat. According to the footage, Blunderbuss is a long-range weapon with high damage cartridges, which is ideal for keeping targets at long-ranged combat with a high playoff for precise aim. However, this may only be a copy of Musket's description, and the description of Void Gauntlet is still unknown.

At the Gamescom showcase of New World, a developer showed concept art of the new "Supernatural Weapon", which is speculated to be Void Gauntlet.

It is not yet known when these weapons will appear in the game, and New World will hold the public beta on September 9. At that time, players will have the opportunity to see the use of new weapons.

When the open beta starts, will also release the latest details in time. Once the game is officially released, cheap New World Coins will also be available here, just pay attention to it.

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