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New World: How To Level Up Your Character Quickly?

The public beta of New World has begun, which is exciting. This game has been advertised for a long time, and its pirate theme is very different from our usual fantasy settings. If you like PvP, it is necessary to level up quickly to match your competitors.

In New World, there are 3 leveling systems: one for increasing your base character stats, one for weapon skills, and one for trade skills. will show you how to quickly level up your character.

Leveling Attributes

When you level up, you can add a point among the 5 attributes. This means that you can spend 71 points in total through level up. When you wear or wield them, you also get points. In addition, there are some item socket slots where you can place jewels to increase your attribute stats.

Make sure that the points you add to the attributes can directly benefit your attack way. Melee weapons will increase attack power, if you buff the strength attribute, magic by focus, and ranged weapons by dexterity.

New World attributes and what they increase:

* Constitution: increases base health

* Dexterity: increases base ranged weapon damage

* Focus: increases base mana and reduce cooldown durations

* Intelligence: increase base magic attack

* Strength: increase base melee weapon damage

New World Leveling Tips

* Make sure you are in settlement when you log off: when you come back you will get a rested XP reward

* Find quests in the Town Project Board: You can purchase items in the auction shop in the town by completing the quest.

* Build up your town standing: You will gain XP rewards by completing quests

* Pick up side-quests to complete alongside the main quest.

* You can get up to 12 town missions at once, then get XP, New World Coins, settlement reputation.

* Hit a monster, finish faction missions

Now the public beta has begun. You can try the above methods. Once New World is officially released, will release more relevant game guides and will provide cheap New World Coins, no matter how much you need, we can all guarantee a large amount of inventory.

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