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New World: How To Cook?

In New World, you can create items at your own pace, and use the resources obtained by collecting skills when exploring and completing quests in the world around you. From weapons and armor to furniture and tools, you can craft something with an expensive set of trade skills.

In New World, one of the trade skills is cooking. Cooking all kinds of food, from rations to meals, will provide you with the most important items. When it comes to healing, use lengthy buffs and even improve your town standing. will introduce the cooking methods in New World in detail.

Collecting ingredients

In New World, there are three main ways to obtain ingredients:

* Killing and skinning animals

You need a skinning knife and animal carcasses. Harvesting from animals can be rewarded, including meat. The tier-one meats include pork and poultry, and the high-tier meats include red meat and venison.

* Harvesting herbs and bushed

* Harvesting fruits and vegetables from farmstands

You can find berries and herbs in the wild. You can find a lot of items like fruits and vegetables in farm landmarks around the world, but you need to repel enemy NPCs to collect them smoothly.

The ingredients are available in provision crates and can be found in different landmarks. Once your backpack or storage room is filled with ingredients, you can start cooking.

Cook recipes

You can start cooking like any cooking station in any settlement. The first set of tutorials after creating the character should give you some cooking skill levels, so you will be able to make all four basic recovery food: Light Ration, Travel Ration, Energizing Light Ration, and Energizing Travel Ration. Light and Travel Rations can be consumed to regain mana, and for these two sets, Travel Ration is better.

When you reach level 5 in cooking, you will begin to unlock the craftable cooking components. When you upgrade to level 40, you can unlock attribute foods. Each food recipe is classified according to each attribute:

* Level 21 to 25: Strength foods

* Level 26 to 30: Dexterity foods

* Level 31 to 35: Intelligence foods

* Level 40 to 45: Constitution foods

* Level 45 to 49: Focus foods

If you are interested in cooking, then you can go to the settlements’ town board, because there are often quests that require a certain number of cooking recipes to be crafted.

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