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New World: How To Change A New World?

With the launch of the beta of New World by Amazon, some players have already experienced the world of Aternum. They can easily participate in the action by booting up the game, choosing a world, creating a character, and then starting their adventure. But some players may want to change the world for multiple reasons.

The biggest reason to change a game world is that they want to play games on the same server as friends, or because of connection problems, if you want to change a world in New World, this is feasible.

How to change the world?

When you start playing New World for the first time, you need to select your initial server from the server list in the launch menu. In the region’s world set, you can only have a character in one world, which means that if you want to join a different world in the world set, you need to delete your current character.

When you are ready to change the server and meet any of the applicable standards, you can switch to another world.

* Navigate to the main menu of the new world

* Press the "Continue" button in the bottom right corner

* Choose to create a character from the menu

* Select the world you want to join from the list of display options, and select "Show more options" to see more. If you want to change the regions, you can select from the top drop-down menu.

* Once you have chosen your new world, you should be able to continue to create a character as usual

But given that New World is now delayed until it will be released on September 28, we don't know if there will be some new changes by then that will make the game system simpler but will not weaken the game experience.

Once the game is released, you can come to to buy the resources you need. has been preparing for New World, but its release has been delayed many times, which also shows the ambition of Amazon Games. They want to make New World a perfect game. Once New World is released, you can come here to buy New World Coins.

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