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New World: Best Musket Build

In Amazon's MMO game New World, the musket is one of the 11 weapons currently available. As one of two physical ranged weapons, it is one of the most lethal ranged weapons.

If you are very good at shooting games, then using this weapon will give you an advantage. Unlike most MMO games, New World requires you to aim and shoot at the enemy instead of automatically aiming. The Mastery Tree of some muskets can turn your powerful target into the highest throughput in the game.

When considering the best build for a musket, you need to consider 4 aspects of the character:

* Personal attributes

* Weapon mastery

* Equipped armor

* Second weapon

In New World, every player has 5 core attributes. Each weapon has specific attributes. At the same time, your weapon mastery determines the active and passive abilities of your character when using a specific weapon. Your character can equip up to two weapons at once, so you need to choose the most suitable one.

Personal attributes

Dexterity gives the Musket the most benefits, and its secondary attribute is Intelligence. For this reason, you need to load as much Dexterity as possible early in the leveling process.

When you reach 300 Dexterity, you will be able to move to Constitution or Intelligence. Because this build is not as tanky as others, you should add some of your attributes to the Constitution, which is effective health. You will gain more survivability.

Second weapon and armor

The musket can work with a series of other weapons, and the benefits from the same attributes exceed the general weapons in the current game.

You have a lot of flexibility in choosing the second weapon, but choosing a weapon that can help you create distance from the enemy is the key. In addition, having a weapon that can provide rebuffs is also helpful.

Recommended secondary weapons include the rapier, ice gauntlet, and hatchet. These three skills can debuff your opponent, which synergizes with talents in the Musketeer Mastery tree. They can also slow down the enemy, or help you escape the enemy quickly.

If you want to stay away from the enemy's attack range, it is very important to use musket armor. Like Tactical Reload, that is, reloading your weapon when you dodge, will make the barrel roll dodges very effective. Those barrels can only be equipped with light armor.

Weapon mastery

You can load up on abilities to enhance your throughput based on the accuracy of your headshot, or you can turn to abilities to give you the perks of debuffing or rooting a goal.

Powder Burn is the best opening ability for a musket player. In PVP and PVE, the damaging effect on your enemy for a period of time is very good. Back It Up, Hustle, Energy Burst and Tactical Reload are all passive abilities in the Trapper tree, which can help you create and maintain a distance from the enemy.

Everything you choose depends largely on your confidence in your ability to click heads. If you can keep hitting headshots, this build will give you some of the highest damage potentials.

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