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AGAIN! New World Has Been Delayed For The 4th Time!

Amazon Game Studios postponed the upcoming MMO game New World until this fall of 2021. The game was originally planned to be released on August 31, but for various reasons, it has been delayed to be released until September 28, 2021.

This is the fourth time New World has been postponed. The developers stated that they change the release date because they pursued high quality, and they want to provide games of very high quality. In addition, feedback from the closed beta is also a factor in delaying the game.

New World is an MMO game in which the player’s task is to colonize the fictional continent of the Atlantic. The features of this game are 50-to-50 battles, where the entire team clashes to take the land. Amazon previously held a preview event with thousands of players to collect feedback. Then it became a chaotic attempt to simulate the mid-1600s war.

New World is one of three PC games announced by Amazon Studios at TwitchCon 2016. However, the delays and cancellations of these three games have affected them. Their multiplayer fighting game Breakaway was canceled during development. Their other game, Crucible, was released in May 2020, but the studio canceled the release of this game and bring it back into a closed beta. Finally, in October, they decided to stop the development of the Crucible.

This shows that Amazon Game Studios put all the bets on New World, so players can look forward to the official release of this game. Because in the previous closed beta, players also found some problems, so the delayed-release is also to better optimize the game content. When New World is officially released, players should be able to get a better gaming experience.

Once New World is released, you can come to to buy New World Coins to expand your advantage in the game.

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